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Meet the Murphys from Pearce


Hi, Meet Andrea, Richard and Deborah Murphy. We are the owners and operators of our breeding and training program at "On The Solid Rock Ranch". We are located in Pearce, Arizona and have lived here since 2005. We are excited about our progress with our horse ranch and breeding program. We have many beautiful, sound and well-tempered foundational quarter horses. We invite you to browse our photo gallery and judge for yourself. We will be updating any new foals and the progress of existing horses. Thank you for taking time to view our website, we look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy the photos of our ranch, horses and animals.





On The Cattle Drive


Here we have Deborah Murphy, Co-owner with Richard Murphy, of The Solid Rock Ranch, on the left astride Sassy, with a friend on a recent cattle drive that included 40 head of cattle and 25 miles of riding.
Deborah on Sassy





Richard Murphy


Richard Murphy, Co-owner, with Deborah Murphy, of the On The Solid Rock Ranch. Here he is shown either inspecting or speculating on the ranch.
Richard Murphy





Andrea on Chile


Andrea Murphy, 12 year-old daughter of Richard and Deborah Murphy, of the On The Solid Rock Ranch. Ten years-old in this photo on Chili working the cattle drive. A solid horsewoman in a small package.
Andrea Murphy





Richard and Casey's Lucky Bar


This is Casey's Lucky Bar and Richard. Taking a rest and long drink of water after pushing cattle all day. This was Casey's first cattle drive. He put in over 25 miles that day.
Richard with Casey's Lucky Bar





Light rain and green grass


The mares and their foals enjoy grazing in our backyard. We created this pasture for them to enjoy some good grass once in a while.
Light rain and green grass





Andrea Murphy


This is Andrea, our daughter, whom we call our Little Wrangler. Twelve years old in 2010, she loves to ride, train and work with the horses. She is active in 4-H and will be taking Sassy San Leana and Bright Morning Dawn as her horse projects at the Cochise County Fair
Andrea Murphy





New Friends!


Here is a motley crew! These guys are some of the many cats roaming around the ranch. Do not know what it is about this place, but a lot of cats, dogs, horses and people like to hang around out here.
New Friends!





Cooling off!


What better way to cool off on a hot summer day! We don't swim with the dogs but I'm sure they would love it if we did. This is the next best thing to the lake or creek!.
Cooling off!





Meet Napoleon


This is Napoleon, one of our five dogs we have on the ranch. He loves to go with us when we go horseback riding. Wherever we are on the ranch, you will be sure to see Napoleon with us.
Meet Napoleon





Dandee and Tiny


These two are brothers, Their sire is Caseys Lucky Bar. They are a good looking team, don't you think?.
Dandee and Tiny





Deborah and Caseys Lucky Bar


Deborah has put in a lot of hours training him. He is completely broke and has a very good mind. Easy to work with and easy to hand breed. He truly is a gentle horse and a gentleman. It is always a pleasure to be around this stallion. He has proven himself and really puts out nice foals.
Deborah and Casey's Lucky Bar





Here is another "Man in the Red Shirt".


Yes, It is Richard Murphy. The man who is a big part of On The Solid Rock Ranch. Have you seen him and talked with him today? When you are ready to talk about buying a horse drop him a line at

Here is another





Andrea's 2010 Cochise County Fair Awards


Andrea Murphy is our daughter and currently has been a 4-H member for two years. This was her first year at the Cochise County Fair, 2010, showing and riding our horses.
She showed Bright Morning Dawn our two year old filly in Halter Class for geldings and fillies of 2008 and won a blue ribbon for first place. Bright Morning Dawn also placed third with a yellow ribbon for Overall Grand Champion Halter Class and she placed fourth a white ribbon for Showmanship. Andrea showed our eight year old mare, Sassy San Leana in Aged Mares Halter Class. She placed fifth with a pink ribbon. Also, Andrea placed fifth with a pink ribbon in Western Equitation Class for Sassy's performance.
In Western Pleasure Class, Sassy placed second with a red ribbon. We are very proud of Andrea for doing so well this year in her 4-H Horse Project.
Andrea did a great job showing these two horses and has the ribbons to prove her hard work of training them on her own with the help of coaching from her Mom, her 4-H leader Kristal Callister and trainer,
Bill Rodney.
Congratulations Andrea!
Andrea's Awards!





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